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Meet The Tutors

Michael Clarke began his teaching career in 1983 after leaving the rock band Tokyo. He soon realised that there was a huge demand for quality guitar and bass tuition which was not being catered for in the area and decided to set up a studio to address this. One of the earlier students Michael taught was Stove, bass player for the critically acclaimed, top 40 band Mansun. This lead to working with other bands and management companies both large and small, preparing them for live tours and studio work. Between teaching sessions, Michael has recorded many original pieces for adverts, films and jingles as well as self penned albums. Michael soon found himself in demand for session work in studios across the UK.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke

During 40 plus year playing career, Michael has been involved in a huge range of live performances in venues ranging from arenas to pubs and clubs. In addition to this, Michael worked in Rushworth Music House in the town of Chester as a salesman and setup/repairman for guitars and basses. Michael continues to enjoy all avenues of involvement and looks forward to many more years of tutoring in he studio.



Local to Connah's Quay, Jazz Elliot is currently continuing his 12 year musical career by teaching at Michael Clarke Studio. The studio took Jazz on due to the massive increase in demand for quality guitar and bass tuition in the area in 2014. Jazz was also taught and trained by Michael since he first picked up the guitar and has since gone on to be part of several recording projects as well as teaching. Over the last 7 years Jazz has been involved in various live performances and studio recordings which have allowed him to become acquainted with both live and studio techniques. Jazz is RGT registered through the studio and has been taking students up to grade 7 with superb results.

Jazz Elliot

Between teaching sessions, Jazz is using the studios recording setup to record and track two of his current band projects. Given his extensive experience with live performing and recording, Michael has used Jazz to assist him with various tuition seminars as well as demonstrations for many guitar and bass brands. Due to the many experiences Jazz enjoyed whilst learning at the studio where he first picked up the guitar, the opportunity to become a full time member of the studio as a teacher has been a huge turning point in his career, as well as enabling him to be a prime example of how the studio can be a pathway to many enjoyable careers.

Hear some of our students in action

We have a Soundcloud account where we showcase the talent of some of our students.

Head over to and follow us to hear the latest, or check out a few more Examples of our recordings.

Get you guitar or bass set up like a pro

You would be amazed at the difference a properly set up guitar back make to your playing. Correcting the action and intonation just right can sometimes make it feel like you have a new, more expensive instrument. Click here to find out more.

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Why learn to play guitar?

Lots of us consider learning to play the guitar, but never quite get around to it. Often we buy a guitar with the best of intentions, only for it to end up sitting ignored in the corner of the room. If you have struggled to get passed this stage, here are some reasons to pick up that guitar again and learn to play it! Here are five great reasons to stop thinking about it and start doing it. Book a free guitar lesson with Mike Clarke Studio today.


It's fun!

When you very first pick up a guitar you may feel a bit disappointed and frustrated that you cannot make it sound as good as your favourite musicians. However, you only need to learn a few simple chords to be on your way to being able to play a number of songs. The joy and sense of accomplishment of being able to do this is actually measurable. Research as been done which shows that playing music triggers the brain to release dopamine, which gives us a sense of reward and pleasure.

Impress your friends

In these days of online entertainment and console games, taking the time to learn an instrument is becoming rarer. When your friends boasts of being able to play a Dave Mustaine guitar solo in Guitar Hero, wipe the smile off their faces by plying one on a real guitar.

Reduce stress

It has also been found that playing an instrument can help to fight stress. Picking up your guitar after a hard day at work can help you relax and de-stress. One study even found that test subjects who play music for around one hundred minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure.

Sharpen your mind

It has been established that learning to play the guitar, or any other musical instrument, can improve brain function. This can be especially beneficial to children, and the older generation who wish to guard against mental decline. 

Join a band

The ability to play guitar or bass guitar can lead to opportunities to join a band. Playing with other musicians is a fun thing to do in it's own right, but once you get out and start gigging, even if you never get beyond playing your local town, you will have experiences which you and you friends will reminisce about for a lifetime. If you do wish to join a band, bass players will have an advantage over guitar players as there always seems to be about ten guitarists to every bass player. Learn to play both, and you'll be quids in!

You have nothing to lose

Get in touch with Michael Clarke Studio today and book yourself a lesson. Your first guitar lesson or bass guitar lesson is always FREE, so there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take the first step to having more fun in your life - learn to play the guitar!


Michael Clarke Studio Services 

  • Guitar / Bass Lessons - All ages, all abilities

  • Instrument Sales - part exchange welcome

  • Guitar set ups - get the very best sound and playing action from your guitar - 30 years experience


  • Tone School

  • Live / Studio Sound Engineering Courses

  • Songwriting / Artist development Days

  • Multitrack Recording

  • On Location Recording

  • Mixing / Mastering


  • Star for a day Karaoke Experience

  • Custom made jam backing tracks in a variety of styles

  • Publishing / Distribution

  • Guitar backing tracks library for jamming / improvising across a bunch of different genres



We are extremely proud of the wonderful reviews we receive. Here are just some of them. Read more at the independent reviews site and on our Facebook page .

Rating 5/5 12 July 2018
Michael is an amazing teacher, patient and an all round easy going guy. The lessons are structured so well no stressing and you always have fun while learning at a perfect pace! The studio is a warm, inviting setup and it’s the most welcoming atmosphere.. would recommend Michael to anyone of my friends and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start the guitar/bass journey!
— Danny Randals via Facebook
Rating 5/5 9 Jul 2018
Absolutely phenomenal teacher, really relaxed atmosphere too, and Mike is extremely encouraging xxx
— Jayne Ellis via Facebook
Rating 5/5 9 Jul 2018
After a break of some years I picked up my guitar again.....I’ve had lessons before but have found that the improvement in my technique and knowledge with Mike’s lessons is faster and more consistent.
Lessons are tailored to the individuals aims and although easy going Mike can be direct in his feedback which only helps as it is delivered in such a positive and appropriate manner.
Simply put.....if you are thinking of lessons, you won’t regret going with will improve faster and to a higher level rather than struggling through yourself.
— Jon Nolan via Facebook
Rating 4/5 30 Jun 2018
I can’t believe how much Mike has helped me progress my guitar playing. In only six months I feel much more confident and at ease with chord progression, timing and playing technique. Sessions are easy going and at your speed rather than Mike’s.
— Ron Plummer via Facebook
Rating 5/5 28 Jun 2018
Mike is a fantastic tutor and is truly a pleasure to be around. If you’re interested in learning the guitar then look no further
— Max Jones via Facebook
Rating 5/5 14 Mar 2017
My daughter has been taught by Mike since the age of 6. She thoroughly enjoys every single guitar lesson and looks forward to ithe every week. We have also just recently had her guitar fixed by an associate of the studio after it was knocked over in school. I really can’t recommend Mike and the studio enough. First class!
— Charlotte Pearson, Mold
Rating 5/5 26 Jan 2017
I started lessons at the studio back in November 2016 and i’m delighted I did. Having had lessons by another tutor many years ago and not feeling I was progressing as I wanted I fell out of love with playing.

Since starting at the studio I found it came back immediately. The lessons are so well structured and my tutor, Jazz, helps to make the lessons relaxed but with the right amount encouragement to bring my playing on.
— Mark Morgan, Deeside
Rating 5/5 17 Jan 2017
If you ever find yourself in need of supportive, top quality guitar and bass tuition, Michael Clarke Studio is the place to be. Being a huge music fan for a long time, I wanted to learn in a place which is geared towards people like myself. The tuition is of the highest standard and Mike and Jazz have both helped me with learning my instrument with no stones left unturned....
— River Roberts, Rhyl
Rating 5/5 20 Dec 2016
I’m in my late 50’s and decided to take up a new hobby by learning the guitar. Initially I was self taught using various online websites but after a while I was going nowhere fast. I heard of Mikes teaching skills from a friend and through his friendly constructive tuition my enthusiasm has had a Kickstart and I now feel I am getting somewhere. I would also recommend you ask Mike to have a look at your guitar, he will give you an unbiased view, he has set up my guitar in such away that it is now easier to play and sounds far better.
— Gary Shield, Wrexham
Rating 5/5 - 13 Nov 2015
My grandson Joe age 11 has been having guitar lessons with Mike for just over a year now and loves every minute of it. Mike has proved to be an excellent teacher and seems to know instinctively how to get the best out of his pupils. Hope Joe will be having lessons with Mike for many years to come!
— Geoff Millington Holywell
Rating: 5/5 - 10 Nov 2014
First guitar lesson ever tonight was fun interesting and a little addictive, mike is very easy going (yet instructive), already booked for next week will be having lessons for quite some time.
— Shaun Williams, Llangollen
Rating: 5/5 - 10 Jul 2014
I thought about guitar lessons for 2 years before finding Mike. I’ve now had 5 lessons and I’ve enjoyed every minute of lessons and practicing. Mike’s lessons are informal but so helpful and Mike has the patience of a saint and gives advice and tips to help improve technique. A 5 star rating for a 5 star service.
— Jacqui Cross, Wirral
Rating: 5/5 - 26 Mar 2014
I am a couple of months into having lessons with Mike, and I can honestly say that I have got more out of the last 2 months than I have out of several years of teaching myself and dabbling with on-line lessons. Mike is a talented teacher with a knack of picking up and correcting mistakes which sometimes you don’t even realise that you’re making. He has a great sense of humour too - which he needs with my playing!

I’ve also now had all 3 of my guitars set up by Mike – a Strat, a Les Paul and a Steinberger – and what a difference it has made! All 3 guitars are now easier and more enjoyable to play. A great improvement for a minimal investment – highly recommended!
— John McD, Chester