Can learning an instrument help your mental well being?

By admin, 02.15.2021

In a word ABSOLUTELY !!!!

It is a recognised medical fact that learning to play any instrument is beneficial on so many levels. Mentally it sharpens cognitive reactions and physically it can help with joint mobility, posture and breathing. There are many other positive benefits, some of which are

1) An outlet for stress release .

10 minutes playing can equate up to 2 hours sleep !! Personally speaking this is something we actively use in the studio for a variety of purposes , we have been told many , many times that coming through the studio door is like someone pulling the plug on life's stresses !! Also we have first hand experience of what playing does for us so we know exactly what you mean.

2) Social Aspect

Learning to play opens you up to a world of other people who are doing exactly the same thing, both people you meet in the studio as well as people online and other locations like gigs and jam nights . Many long term friendships have been formed in this way , something we actively encourage and facilitate in the studio.

3) Artistic outlet

This is something that all the art forms have in common. People who never thought they would be able to play have found huge satisfaction in realising with a bit of effort and the support of a good tutor that they can achieve standards of playing they could only dream of a short time before. This is so rewarding from a teaching point of view and we have a reputation for fast results so this happens A LOT !!


We do a lot with mental health charities and support anything relating to mental awareness , Help For Heroes , Castlewood Rocks ( who are huge supporters of MIND N WALES) as well as making it extremely easy for anyone with mental health issues to access the studio facilities.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above points.

This enough? and feel free to do as the first article, thanks.