Monitoring guitars in small venues

By admin, 02.15.2021


2 guitarists in small pub gig not being able too hear each other on stage because stage is wide and shallow...

This requires a stereo monitor rig and a mixing desk i.e. aux L+R
Guitar 1 Left of stage. Mic up amp and feeds AUX 1 (pre fader so no volume through front of house unless required) which comes out of the R wedge on stage at 50% ,
Guitar 2 exactly the opposite

This then means each guitar is coming out of there own amp behind them and out of the wedge of the other side of the stage, we called this X MONITORING and gives total control over the volume.

Volume boost and spread for solos

Problem : Guitar is not boosted for solos and is very "one sided"

Again mic the amp up and build a simple box with XLR in and out sockets and an on/off switch .
Mic lead into box , mic lead out to mixer , set level on mixer for amount of volume boost required , solo comes up , hit the switch on the mic box you built and VOILA !!! Not only is the volume boosted but it is now coming out of the front of house L+R speakers , massive spread and solos are lifted !!