An Experience From Our Student, Megan, Age 9

We are very pleased to have this weeks blog written by our student Megan, age 9, as she relates her guitar learning experience at the Michael Clarke Studio, Deeside.

"Dream BIG"!

I’m Megan, I am 9 years old and very busy. I love sports and I do loads of after school activities including playing the guitar.

I learn to play with Mike at his studio and I’ve been learning for about three years now. When I first started the guitar I was so small I couldn’t really stretch over the top of the guitar to reach the strings so I used to have to lie it on my knee to start with. I wanted to play with a full size guitar from the start as it was given to me by my grandpa.

Mike is so patient with me and such a good teacher.

I think he is so clever because he will re-write any song for me so I can play it on my guitar – my favourite songs so far are The Climb and Fight Song.

The Michael Clarke Studio is such a great place to learn, I have learnt so much from Mike and I love going to lessons

I’d love to be a singer-songwriter in the future and perform on the stage. My mum says that you should dream your dreams a size to big so you can grow into them, so that’s what I am going to do.

If you are thinking about learning the guitar I would highly recommend the Michael Clarke Studio".

Thanks for your kind words Megan. Keep rocking!!