RGT Exam Students And What Is Involved

We entered a record number of students in for their RGT exams this weekend. Their results should be due soon so stay tuned to see how they did. 

If you would are thinking of taking RGT exams yourself, here is what is involved how we can help you achieve them. 

RGT grades are split into five or more sections designed to test a students practical and knowledgable abilities. If the student succeeds, a certificate of award is given. All of the RGT grades carry UCAS points and are useful for future job CV's.

Preparation here at the Michael Clarke Studio is a lot faster that what most schools can provide. We can take you through the chosen grade books step by step and give you the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pass. 

If you would like more info on RGT exams, how to book or what else is involved, contact us now:

01244 822535