Instrument Set Up - Electric Guitar (standard bridge)


Instrument Set Up - Electric Guitar (standard bridge)


This is a brilliant gift for someone who is receiving a new instrument to make sure it is sounding it's best from the beginning. It can also breathe new life into the sound and playability of an old instrument. Having a professional set up can make a huge improvement to most guitars. This is something that Mike is an expert at, and he does as a service to professional musicians ahead of major tours. You can can get the same level of service for an electric guitar with standard bridge for just £50. (Cost of new strings not included).

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Includes (if required)

  • Re-cutting the nut
  • Re-profiling frets
  • Scraping the Fingerboard
  • Truss Rod adjustments
  • Resetting Neck Angle
  • Bridge Re-profiling or resetting
  • Setting Proper Intonation
  • Electrics Checks
  • Full Valet and Restring

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