Guitar and bass Setup

Is the action on your guitar wrong? (the lower it is, the faster you can play!)
Is your intonation off? (eg, 12th fret octave notes are not in tune when the open string is)?

Have your guitar properly set up by Michael. Setups include (if required)

  • Re-cutting the nut
  • Re-profiling frets
  • Scraping the Fingerboard
  • Truss Rod adjustments
  • Resetting Neck Angle
  • Bridge Re-profiling or resetting
  • Setting Proper Intonation
  • Electrics Checks
  • Full Valet and Restring

Guitar Setup Prices

Acoustic Guitar (from) £45
Electric Guitar (standard or non trem) (from) £35
Electric Guitar (locking trem) (from) £45
Bass Guitar (from) £45

(Prices do not include new strings)

Getting a guitar properly set up will make a perfect and affordable christmas / birthday present!