Our day rate starts at £140 (half day £80), but we prefer to work out a fixed project price.


Mixing and Mastering will usually be done after the session, meaning you get the most out of your studio time, and are ensured a better quality result - our engineers wont be rushed to finish, and will be able to listen and work with fresh ears.

All projects start with a FREE half hour Pre-Production meeting (including Tea/Coffee!).
Clients are asked to bring reference tracks (with a similar sound to what they are looking to achieve), and a plan of action is set out, so every member of the band knows what they need to do, and what to expect.

We don't "clock watch" - if you have not finished, we'll either keep working, or arrange another time for you to come back.

Please contact us to discuss pricing for your project.


Examples of our recordings

All the songs below were recorded here at the studio. Listen for yourself to get an idea of what we can do. For more, head to https://soundcloud.com/mcstudio.


Ever thought you or someone close to you could be the next Britney Spears, Michael Buble or even Ozzy Ozbourne? Here's your chance to find out!


Our Studio Experience Session allows ANYONE to be a lead singer!

Gold Experience - 1 Song

15 Minutes - Consult with producer
1 Hour - Recording Time!
15 Minutes - Editing / Mixing - See how the magic happens, and how all the studio tricks add up to make you sound GREAT
This is great for a solo artist. You can choose from our huge selection of backing tracks at no extra cost, or bring your own

Platinum Experience - 2 songs or Groups

15 Minutes - Consult with producer
1.5 Hours - Recording Time!
15 Minutes - Editing / Mixing - See how the magic happens, and how all the studio tricks add up to make you sound GREAT
If you want to do more than 1 song, or come as a group (everyone gets to sing on your tracks!) - this is the package to go for!

What do I get?

Your tracks will be recorded, mixed and mastered by our experienced engineers.

In addition to the allotted time and experience you'll gain, you will receive 1 CD per person with all the tracks done in the session, in our custom branded CD presentation cases (extra copies can be purchased for a low fee)

Free tea / Coffee / Soft Drinks are provided throughout the session.

Contact us to book your Studio Experience Session NOW!


Studio Gear

Our studio uses top quality equipment to provide you with the best possible recording set up.

Analog Mixing Desk

  • Soundcraft 1600 24-24-2 desk


  • SE 3300Z
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58
  • AKG C451
  • AKG D112
  • Audio Technica ATM 87R
  • Beyer M201
  • Beyer M420


  • Pro Tools + Waves (and more) Plugins
  • Logic
  • Apple Mac G5
  • Apogee Ensemble Digital Interface
  • Software - Toontrack Superior 2.0, Slate Drums, Guitar Rig, Autotune, Melodyne
  • Huge range of software instruments and plug-ins

In House Electric Drumkit

  • Modded Alesis DM10 - Mesh Heads
  • Big Dog Double Bass Pedal


  • Novation SL Keyboard
  • Roland GR50 Guitar Synth


  • Drawmer DS 201 Gates
  • Focusrite Compressors
  • Yamaha REV 5 and SPX90 Reverbs
  • Ibanez SDR 1000+ Reverbs


  • Main - Tannoy Little Gold Monitors /Amcron
  • Near Field - Yamaha NS10s / Bryston
  • AKG DT 100 headphones
  • Vic Firth Extreme Isolation Headphones


  • Guitar Amps by Mesa Boogie
  • Guitar Preamps by Mesa Boogie and Rocktron
  • Bass Amps by SWR/Peavey
  • Bass Pre Amps by Ampeg
  • Line2Amp re-amp box