I learnt the vast majority of my knowledge from the luthier/magician Garth when I worked at Rushworths Music House in Chester at the end of the 70,s and from the many techs with major brands I have been in contact with over the years. I setup instruments by feel rather than specifications and each one is bespoke to the individual, I keep records on all my clients and there preferences , how they like there guitar or bass to play so I can adjust the next one accordingly.

My mantra has always been " I'M HAPPY WHEN YOU'RE HAPPY "

The gallery shows some of the examples off instruments I have had the pleasure of working on. Please see our reviews etc.

Prices from
Electric Guitar (hardball bridge) £50
(locking tremelo )
Bass Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Please supply asset of your string of choice.

Electrical Work

£20 service (clean pots, switches and input jack)
£50 change pickups of same type (passive/active)
£20 fit a preloaded scratch plate
£60 + parts assemble preloaded scratchplate
£20 + parts add push/pull coil split per pickup

Custom wiring services available on request.

Services that require removal of scratch plate for access, or pickups will require a restring of the instrument.