Over the last 30 years and over 10,000 visitors, every aspect of the studio has been crafted and tailored by its students.

Many facilities at the studio have been the template that other studios have tried to emulate but have never equalled.

With real state of the art equipment we are able to provide a high quality learning environment for students as well as

superb facilities for parents to wait in either our reception area or in outside undercover courtyard.

With a very high success rate in RGT exam passes, we have had the pleasure of watching many students go on to

professional musical careers such as teaching. Our students not only improve in their practical playing, but also in areas

such as musical theory, their musical ear and even writing capabilities if they wish.

Our teaching is thorough, whilst maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Many students get together away from the

studio in the groups they have been learning in, thus many bands have been formed in this way over the years.